URAS Vibrators

URAS Vibrators

Adnil Pte Ltd is the representative for Uras Vibrator Japan in South East Asia

Uras Techno ( Murakami Seiki Mfg. Co.,Ltd. ) made it their main mission to introduce unique and well-engineered electric motor and controller driven machinery to the world. Among this machinery were the Uras Vibrator and vibratory and powder handling equipment using the Uras Vibrator.

Powerful and reliable, the Uras Vibrator is used for a wide variety of applications, including feeding, separating, and milling.

The Uras Vibrator offers easy maintenance and a long service life.

An extensive lineup of vibrators which can be used in any region or environment, providing a wide range of vibrational forces.
There are two main types of vibrators in Uras Techno's lineup: electric rotary vibrators and pneumatic vibrators. With over 100 models, you can select a vibrator that suits your application, whether you require very small vibration or very large. Our vibrators are used in practically every industry, including steel, minerals, food, medicine, chemical, and precision parts.
Standard Uras Vibrators
Durable, high quality vibrators developed through decades of engineering, innovation, and field experience, the Standard Uras Vibrator is the world standard for vibrators.

Standard Single-Phase Uras Vibrators

The Single-Phase Uras Vibrator can be used with single-phase household or portable power supplies.
Specialized for precast concrete production, these Uras Vibrators produce high-frequency vibration.