Industrial Clutches

Responsible in providing free start and smooth acceleration, these Clutches or clutch couplings can now be availed at Adnil Pte Ltd.

These Clutches are widely used for engine drives and electric motor drives, featuring various advantages. In an engine drive, our Clutches serve as automatic throttle controlled clutch which eliminates shock loads. These couplings also prevent engine stall under sudden overload as well as engine reverse swing when coming to rest. In addition, these combine the advantages of a flexible coupling, limiting vibratory torques to safe level and maintaining 100% efficiency. Our Clutches guarantee long trouble-free life with no routing maintenance.
At Adnil Pte Ltd, we bring you types of clutches with different features and specifications. Some of these include Link Clutch, Flexi Clutch and Air-Start Clutch. The Link Clutch Coupling comprises separate driving and driven members and is completely disconnected when at rest. Flexi Clutch combines the performance of an automatic clutch and a highly flexible coupling in a single assembly with considerable space and cost savings. While Air-Start Clutch combines the advantages of the link clutch with overload protection by engaging and disengaging at any speed.